hello to all , i am doing this for my family to get help with my brothers funeral needs, he was a good guy despite on some of the bad choices he made. he was a good brother and he loved his family and his 3 kids so much .this is a shock to us all when we got the call that they found his body we are not ready or prepared for this in no means. william (billy) left 3 kids and 3 brothers and me and my sister and his parents saul and teresa montez. this tradegy is very hard for my mother due to this is her 2nd son that has passed but we  kno johnny was  waiting on him when he passed. we have no answers right now on how he passed so there is no closer for a few months so we really are trying to give him a nice goodbye he died alone and i am not letting him say goodbye alone, please anything will help right now cards,flowers,food anything will make things for my parents a lil easier i am the oldest now so im trying to do wat i can, chandra-  thankyou in advance god bless